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Homeowners Insurance St Petersburg FlTypical Coverage for St Petersburg Home Insurance.

What does the typical home insurance policy cover? While it is true that insurance companies are free to include terms and conditions of coverage that can be different from company to company, there are many common perils that are covered by the majority of insurance companies in St Petersburg.

If your home is damaged due to natural occurrences such as lightning or hail your policy may cover the damage.

Cooking mishap? Electrical fire? Damage due to fire and smoke can be covered as well.

Did someone break in or vandalize you home? You St. Petersburg home insurance policy will most likely cover the cost of the damages.

It’s important to know what your policy covers so you don’t have costly insurance gaps. Contact one of the specialists at Pathway Insurance to find out more.

Avoiding Gaps in Your St Petersburg Homeowners Insurance.

Julie and Max have just moved south from Michigan and they are enjoying their new lives in St. Petersburg on a home they purchased directly on the water overlooking Tampa Bay.

However, it’s hurricane season in Florida. A Cat 2 Named Ernestine is in the gulf with a possible landfall in Clearwater.

Julie and Max decide to visit family up north. Good thing too as hurricane Ernestine comes directly ashore on St Pete Beach.

When they return to their home it’s obvious that their home had been damaged.

They submit a claim to their insurance company but the majority of their claim is denied because most of the damage was caused by water from the storm surge caused by hurricane Ernestine.

Julie and Max had purchased Wind coverage in addition to regular home insurance, but they did not purchase flood insurance.

Julie and Max incurred more than $37,000 of out of pocket expenses due to the storm surge and lack of Flood Insurance.

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