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Keep in mind there are limitations on home insurance policies and we will discuss one such limitation of coverage next. 

This Is What Your Brandon Florida Home Insurance Policy Does Not Protect You Against!

The typical home insurance policy is not meant to provide coverage for any type of business that is run out of your home.

The Brandon Florida Home Insurance Policy provides coverage related to the ownership and use of your owned residence and related structures for non-business related purposes.

If any type of business activities is engaged at the residence, a claim denial is likely to occur for such activity.

For instance the typical home insurance policy also includes liability insurance in addition to protecting the home itself from perils specified by the policy.

Liability insurance protects the homeowner for property damage and injuries they may be legally responsible to cover.

However, liability insurance claims will be denied when said injury or property damage occurs because of business-related activities such as:

  • Customers who slip and fall on your premises
  • Damage to business property (owned or in your control)
  • Injury caused by things you make (products liability)
  • Damage due to services that you promote or provide.

One other provision within many home insurance policies is the fact that when a lawsuit is filed against policyholder, the insurance company will provide a legal defense which includes an attorney at no cost to defend their policyholder.

In the event an injury or property damage occurs and a lawsuit is filed against the homeowner, it is highly unlikely that the insurance company will provide a legal defense against business related claims if you are sued.

Additionally the homeowner’s insurance policy does not provide workers compensation coverage for any employee.

However medical expense and liability coverage may be available for workers who are ineligible for workers compensation, such as maids, butlers, or nannies.

Such coverage only applies if an injury occurs while performing residential tasks, not business related tasks. 

Example of a claim not covered: You send your nanny to make copies of your business proposal and, on the way to the copy center; she is seriously injured in a fall. Your policy won’t provide any medical expense coverage for your nanny because she was performing a business-related task.

Example of a claim that may be covered:  Your housekeeper who lives on your premises is injured when she falls down the stairs at your residence and breaks her left arm.

But as you can see your home insurance policy will not extend coverage for any type of business related activity.

If You Run a Business from Your Home What Steps Should You Take?

You need to invest in a business insurance policy to cover any type of commercial activities that are occurring at your residence.

Failing to be covered by the appropriate business insurance policy can result in a significant out of pocket expense for homeowners which may include fees for attorneys covering litigation filed against you, and or settlements or judgments assessed.

Never assume your policy covers every conceivable type of claims event.

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