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Tow Truck Insurance Tampa FlIf you’re looking for great options for Tow Truck Insurance in Tampa Florida or the surrounding areas contact Pathway Insurance at 813-618-7001 or toll free 800-998-0662.

We also offer Florida Tow Truck Insurance Quotes online 7 days per week until 5:30 PM when you click on Tampa Tow Truck Insurance Quotes or if your business is not located in Tampa click Florida Tow Truck Insurance Quotes for all other areas.

We are a leader in providing competitive Tow Truck Insurance in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Minnesota.

Our tow truck insurance program is good for Garages, Car Dealerships, Repo Services, and Tow Service Companies.

Watch Out for this Trick When Shopping for Tampa Tow Truck Insurance!

Let’s face the facts; Commercial Tow Truck Insurance in Florida is super expensive.

Tow trucks are Big, Expensive and can Wreak Havoc if they crash into another vehicle or property and for this reason tow trucks are expensive to buy, maintain and to insure.  

We are not aware of a single business owner that wants to pay more than what they should for their business insurance including tow truck insurance and sometimes business owners get lured into promises of super cheap rates on Florida Tow Truck Insurance.

That being said we wanted to warn you about sneaky tricks we’ve heard other agents pulling on those shopping for Commercial Truck Insurance.

Some agents might be using a form of Bait & Switch Insurance Quoting to get tow truck companies to buy insurance at artificially low rates.

In one month we detected 6 different agencies in different parts of the country giving potential tow truck company customers quotes that were in some cases tens of thousands of dollars lower than what they should have been.

Misclassifying the Trucks Usage Is One Way Tow Truck Insurance Quotes Can Be Wrong.

Here’s the bad news. Only a handful of insurance companies are willing to sell tow truck insurance in Florida so it’s not as easy as asking for personal car insurance quotes where there might be over 100 companies willing to compete for your business.

Some agents have used incorrect gross vehicle weight, the wrong truck type, or truck classification to artificially lower the rates and offer a “better” deal to the tow truck company.

Agents may be doing this for one or two reasons:

  • They do not really know how to properly quote a trucking risk.
  • They’re doing it intentionally to get you to sign up with them.

Let me ask you a simple question.

In either case would you really want someone that doesn’t know how to complete accurate quotes to be caring for your business insurance needs, or someone who is willing to fudge the numbers to get your business?

It’s a catch 22 situation for use the tow truck company owner.

If one of your trucks broke down would you want someone working on the truck who doesn’t know how to properly fix your truck?

For safety reasons the answer is obviously no. The same should be true when you’re working with an agent that doesn’t know what they’re doing. They can cause more harm than good.

What about an agent that fudges the numbers to get you a better deal?

This can also backfire on you and we will discuss this in a future article.

Because we specialize in trucking insurance we created a few videos that address this issue.

Take a few moments to watch our first video in the link below:

Tow Truck Insurance Tampa Fl – Call Today!

When you need the best options for Tampa Bay Tow Truck Insurance call 1-800-998-0662 or click:

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